Easter is coming up and dentists are bracing themselves for a wave of sugar-induced toothaches. That’s right, with just over a week until the bank holiday weekend, the shops are falling over themselves to promote the latest cutting-edge developments in chocolate bunnies and egg-shaped sugar bombs.

We may be a dental manufacturer committed to good oral health, but we also enjoy our sweet treats! Luckily, so you can be kind to your teeth and still get some treats in, we’ve put together these 5 tips protect your smile this Easter while still getting to indulge a little.

1. Consider alternatives to sweets

Where families are more health conscious these days, there’s now a huge range of healthy alternatives to traditional Easter eggs. Kids are spoilt for choice with eggs containing proven winners like craft kits, lego and play-doh. Adults can get in on this too with cheese, tea and gourmet coffee eggs all being kinder options for your teeth.

2. Choose dark chocolate

If you must have chocolate, go dark. Dark chocolate contains a high number of polyphenols, this is naturally occurring chemical that inhibits the growth of bacteria in the mouth. This reduction in bacterial growth helps prevent bad breath and even better, gives your teeth a boost in the daily battle against decay.

3. Eat your eggs in one go (preferably with a meal)

Your teeth need time to recover after eating while saliva neutralises some of the acid they’ve been exposed to. If you’re snacking on sugary treats between meals, your teeth are missing out on vital recovery time. By eating your eggs in one go with your meal, you can give your teeth a fighting chance by limiting the frequency of exposure.

4. Limit the damage with sugar free drinks or mouthwash

Having a quick swish with water after eating will help neutralise acid and clear debris from your teeth so they have a quicker recovery time. For even better results, use a mouthwash for increased effect and fresher breath. Quality mouthwash like our Dr Denti Mouthwash Tablets has the bonus of killing Covid-19 which is always welcome!

5. Take extra care of your aligners at Easter

We’ve covered how to snack with aligners like Invisalign in the past but here’s a refresher. Don’t be tempted to eat anything with your aligners in place, even if they don’t break you could end up with food mushed into them which massively increases risk of bad breath and decay. You’ll need to remove the aligners and fully brush after eating before you put them back in and make sure you know how to clean your aligners effectively!

While the advice we’ve given is themed around Easter, these tips are generally sound when snacking at other times of year too. If you’d like more information on any of the products we’ve covered here or where to buy, you can email our office at info@gapdental.com or call us on 01474 560 618.