Tooth-Fil is a temporary filling material made to conveniently block lost fillings instantly. Tooth-Fil is zinc oxide based and comes ready to use upon arrival.


This is a ready-to-use temporary tooth filling material based upon zinc oxide putty that is presented in a pre-filled plastic syringe. The 3g pack contains sufficient material for 10 standard fillings and comes complete with a spatula. Tooth-Fil fillings can last up to 4 weeks, as approved and sold by many dentists and pharmacists. Tooth-Fil hardens on contact with saliva and is easy for dentists to remove to make a more permanent filling.


Toothfil Plus is a temporary dental cement that works as a harder and stronger setting tooth filler. Toothfil Plus does more than just block the tooth cavity like many other tooth fillers, Toothfil-Plus bonds to dentine and enamel, and can be used for successfully filling shallow cavities effectively. This product is remarkably safe and easy to use, just by adding water.


1. Take a small amount of TOOTH-FIL

2. Place onto the tooth which requires filling and gently bite using moderate pressure. The paste will set when it comes into contact with saliva

3. Make sure the filling is not overfilled, then leave for one minute. Afterwards, rinse mouth round with warm water and spit out

4. Avoid further biting or applying further pressure on the filling for at least 15 minutes

5. Seek Dentist advice as soon as possible

6. If needed, use the spatula enclosed to pack Tooth-fil into cavity

7. We advise you seek out dental advice for painful or large fillings

TOOTH-FIL does not stick to teeth, it will only be retained inside of cavity.

Download the toothfil plus PDF for more info

Toothfil plus

Check out the video - How to use TOOTHFIL

Check out the video - How to use TOOTHFIL PLUS